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Elect Matti Bower for Your Commissioner


Hello Miami Beach!

This is Matti Herrera Bower, next Commissioner for Miami Beach number 65 on your ballot. .

     Hello, my name is Matti Herrera Bower, and I am a candidate for City Commission in Group 3.   

     First I would like to thank you for the trust and confidence you have placed in me by electing me to serve as your Mayor these past six years, and as a commissioner before that.  It has been an honor and a privilege to work for you on the issues that are important to us and to our community.

     I have lived in Miami Beach for more than 40 years, I have spent a lifetime volunteering and contributing to my community -- to our community.

     As a civic activist, as a preservationist, as a PTA volunteer, as a member of various community organizations, and as an elected official, I have always placed your trust and our city’s best interests first.

     I have truly seen Miami Beach grow and prosper.  I have witnessed many changes in our City.  I have been fortunate to lead many improvements and am proud of the many things we have accomplished.

     You should know that over my tenure as your Mayor, we have repositioned the City of Miami Beach as an internationally recognized tourist and entertainment destination while at the same time preserving the quality of life and unique historic character of our community, which is what makes it such a wonderful place to live.

     I am proud to say that as I complete my third term as your Mayor:

     We have the lowest tax rates in decades;

     We have the strongest financial reserves in our history;

     We have the highest credit ratings ever from the leading Wall Street ratings agencies;

    We have the lowest crime rates in decades;

    We have the City’s highest rated and best achieving public schools;

    We have improved our parks, our fire stations, our neighborhoods;

    We have built iconic parking garages and added thousands of additional parking spaces;

     We have renovated Lincoln Road and beautified our community;

     We have grown and expanded our Arts and Culture; including bringing in one of the most important art fairs in the world, Art Basel Miami Beach and building the internationally acclaimed New World Symphony Campus and our state of the art Soundscape Park.

     The most important measure, though, is what you think! 

     And 89 percent of the respondents to our most recent community satisfaction survey of residents and business rated the Quality of Life on Miami Beach as either excellent or good

Our highest ratings ever!

     I am extremely proud of these notable accomplishments and want to thank everyone who helped me lead us here -- despite some of the most challenging and turbulent economic times for governments across the country.

     But, our work is never done! 

     We can always get better, we can always do more. 

     That is why I am here today, to once again, ask for your support.

     After hearing concerns from many of you and your encouragement for me to stay involved and to continue to contribute, and after much thought and discussion with my family and my closest friends and supporters, I agreed that the best way for me to stay involved was to continue to serve the public as an elected official.

     Miami Beach is in a period of transition:

     We have new leadership in most of our key senior staff positions;

     We will continue to face difficult budgetary decisions as we maintain your City services while not raising your taxes;

     We must take on the challenge to grow our economy without sacrificing our quality of life; and

     We must maintain the delicate balance between development and preservation -- which is being challenged again by a revitalized real estate market. 

     Now more than ever, experience and a steady hand are needed on the City Commission.  I believe my experience, historical perspective and maturity will help guide the Commission and provide the continuity that will ensure progress for our community, but not at the expense of you – our residents, or the City’s unique diversity and quality of life.

     My priorities have remained consistent throughout the years of my public service. 

    1.    Ensuring an excellent and improving Quality of Life for ALL of our residents

     I will continue to be the voice for those who do not regularly have a voice at the Commission; the advocate for the residents who do not have paid advocates; the watchdog who will ensure that the City always does what is in the best interests of the residents not of special interests.

     2.    Make sure that the City’s laws against over development and for Historic Preservation, good architectural design and good urban planning are protected

     The City of Miami Beach is recognized internationally for its Art Deco District, architectural design and good urban planning.  This is the product of hard work over the years.  It comes from learning what works and fixing what doesn’t.  Our community is desirable and our tax base has appreciated because of the great care we put into this.

     I will make sure that we do not erode, diminish or in any way destroy our community’s character – it is the soul of who we are as a community.

     Thank you for taking the time to listen to me today and thank you for your continued support.

     You have honored me in the past with your vote and I respectfully ask for your support once again.

     Please vote for me, Matti Herrera Bower for Group 3 City Commission, number 65 on your ballot.

Thank you!


Matti Bower cares about improving the quality of life for everyone in the City of Miami Beach. With your help, Matti Bower will continue to work to make our city a great place to live, work and visit. A vote for Matti Bower for Commissioner is a vote for the City of Miami Beach’s future!



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